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Euclid Games is an independent game studio based in Seattle, Washington. We believe that quality is every bit as important in an independent game as it is in AAA. If a game is not unique, well-made, and most importantly fun, we won't release it.

Our first title Bobblestitch is up for primary sponsorship and will be available for everyone to play in March of 2011. In the meantime, please check out our trailer and screen shots.


Samantha and her sister Alexis are in for a big adventure. Find hidden objects, spot differences, and solve puzzles as you discover the mystery behind their new stuffed friends, Bobblestitch and Franny!

Bobblestitch is a hidden object game suitable for all ages. It features enchanting music, colorful characters, and whimsical settings. Players are rewarded for speed, but will never be frustrated by getting stuck on a level. If the clock runs out the player may advance to the next stage.

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Bobblestitch is currently up for primary sponsorship. Potential sponsors may visit Flash Game License to see the full game and find out more.

The full game is expected to be available on game portals for everyone to play in March of 2011.

Wir arbeiten derzeit an der Entwicklung eines Live-Casino-Systems für österreichische Spieler. Hier finden Sie hier informieren.

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